Please read the following information and enquire if you have any questions. Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the Getaway Girls holiday inclusions that you are booking.


1.     Holiday packages with all intents and purposes will offer all inclusions listed on the Rates & Availability page at the time of booking, as per the selected package. Packages may be subject to change without notice.


2.     Getaway Girls will not be held responsible for any force majeure events, including but not limited to: extreme weather, acts of nature, acts of terrorism. Getaway Girls will to the best of their ability offer alternative activities where ever possible.


3.     Getaway Girls have selected activities and engaged businesses with high safety & duty of care standards. All activities have appropriate operating licences and insurances.


4.     It is recommended you take out travel insurance at the time of booking a Getaway Girls holiday, to cover against cancellation & personal accident.


5.     Getaway Girls have planned and chosen an itinerary of fun and adventurous activities, and wherever possible have eliminated all hazards. The customer acknowledges that it is not possible to safe guard against all accidents that happen as a part of life and that Getaway Girls will not be held responsible for such accidents. The customer will also advise Getaway Girls of any pre-existing medical or physical condition which may affect their ability to participate in these activities.


6.     To book a Getaway Girls holiday full payment, will be required within 3 working days of availability being confirmed.


7.     Cancellation policy. If you need to change your dates please see the following:


6 months prior to holiday- can be transferred to another date or transferred to another person. Subject to availability.


3 months prior to holiday-50% of holiday package cost may be transferred to another date, or transferred
to another person. Subject to availability.


As there are no refunds on booked holiday packages, Getaway Girls recommends travel insurance to cover any other unpredictable situations that may arise.


8.     No refunds or discounts will be given if you arrive late or leave early.


9.     Should Getaway Girls have to cancel a holiday package, a refund of monies paid for the holiday package will be offered or may be transferred to another holiday package. No other monies covering personal costs incurred to book the holiday will be covered.


10.   Check in from 2pm on the day of arrival, and check out is 10am on the day of departure.


11.   Accommodation Bond- A valid credit card will be required at check in for the purpose of a security bond, covering the following: any damages, missing items, excessive cleaning, loss of keys, and any fines incurred for excessive noise.


12.   No pets or children under the age of 15yrs will be provided for on any Getaway Girls Holidays.


13.   Car space availability. Please confirm at the time of booking.


14.   Luggage may be stored prior to check in & after check out. Please confirm prior to arrival.